25 handpicked sunrise and sunset photography (with commercial usage)

December 17, 2012 by ThemeCatcher

25 handpicked sunrise and sunset photography (with commercial usage)

Arguably the two most aesthetically beautiful times of day wherever you come from on earth are the the rising of our sun and the setting of our sun. A low sun over the horizon makes for a great landscape photo, usually with some of the most spectacular colors you can see in the sky.

If you have checked out any of our fullscreen image templates, like Storm, Pearl, Excite or Storm WordPress you will quickly notice we love our nature photography. There is often a sense of peaceful emotion when observing such beautifully captured sun set and rise scenes and it doesn’t matter what corner of the planet you are on – we all share this one thing, the sun.

Let’s get started, we have hand picked some of our favorite sunset and sunrise photography we could find on the web (ok, Flickr). The images come from any type of photographer (amateur or pro). The only other thing in common apart from the theme, is that they can all be used in a commercial project. However, sometimes things change or mistakes are made – so please check the license yourself!

We will have more photography posts in future, so if you have a theme / topic you would like us to cover then please let us know. Also, if you have came across or even taken your own amazing sunset / sunrise photo and would like us to share it here, please get in touch below.

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Sunset on the Bluff Trail at Montaña de Oro State Park, California by kevincole

Follow the water... That'll lead us to the beach. by astrangelyisolatedplace

amber skies by loco's photos

Ninja Portrait, Take 2 by Zach Dischner.

The Grays of a Sunrise by CJ Schmit. At Fernwood, Milwaukee.

Siwa Sunset by J.Abadie. At Matruh, EG

I'm the Early Bird by MR photography. At Reichennau, Innsbruck.

Sunrise, Kauai by @Michael

Clarence-Rockland by Phil Grondin. At Cumberland, Navan.

Ankor Wat Eyegasm by MikeBehnken. At Cambodia.

Old Tree by the Sea by SpaceShoe [Learning to live with the crisis]

Reflections by bhanu.t. At Palais-Royal, Paris, Ile-de-France, FR.

Mount Kinabalu by +kev. At Mengkabong, Sabah.

Sunset over Iguazu by SF Brit

What do you see? by sektordua

Sunrise on the Boardwalk by y arturodonate

Wind Surfer at Sunset on Morro Bay State Beach by kevincole. At Morro Bay, California, US.

Chobe River Front, Botswana by Sara&Joachim.

Zonsopkomst by Patrick Goossens. At Enschede, Overyssel, NL.

Above & Below The Clouds by Tiffany Mueller. At Hawaii, US.

Sunrise Morning by brsun.

Sunrise by Andréia

Sunset Dandelion by bi_plus_one

Sunset on West Loch Tarbert from Kennacraig by StartAgain. At Kennacraig, Scotland, GB.

Rocky Twilight::HDR by Ikhwan Yuslim.

What great photography and what a beautiful planet we have – we hope you agree.

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